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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay # 15 IncestThings had been going great for Jay,he was now fourteen looking for
sixteen.Still had his baby face and girlish body that was sexier than ever.
Now that he always seemed to have money in his pocket,he was shopping for
his christmas early.Mostly for his dad and mom,but then there was
Ned,Joe,Jonathan and Kevin also.He wanted to get everyone of them something
speacial.He sat eating lunch in the mall,watching the kids line up to set on santas
lap,he reminisced of the days he sat on santas lap,seemed like an awfully
long time ago,so many things had taken place in the few years he had beem
born.He was lucky though,for every bad time there had been good times two
fold.A boy who looked to be maybe eight or nine setting on santas lap made him
think of the time he had done the same,feeling a hard lump pressing against
his butt as he talked to him.
He was not afraid though,for he had felt a lump like that everytime he sat
on his dad's lap as well as some of his friends who held him.He remembered it well,he had been the last one and the store was closing.His
mom www lolita nymphets tgp had turned and was talking with a neighbor.
Jay had felt santas hand moving under his butt as he continued
talking,moving around as santa opened his legs wider.
As jay finished talking and slid from his lap he noticed distinctly the head
of santas dick barely exposed from under his coat,santa had had his tool out
all the time he was bouncing the kids on his knees.Jay was not shaken from the sight,he had seen his dad's dick with the shiny
stuff oozing from it's head many times,had even tasted it.Even at his young
age sex was no stranger to him.
Jay snapped back to the present as the guy behind the counter asked if he
would like anything else.He decided to forget the shopping for now,he had had an erection from his
day dream and waited for it to go down.
Jay had been visiting the restrooms since the time with the guy at nn cute preteen lolita the
park,he headed for the mall restrooms no,hungry some nice red meat.To his dismay there was no one inside when he entered so he went to a
stall,removed his clothes and waited.The possiblity never entered his mind
that he could be caught.
Several guys came in and left,but none entered the stall next to him.He was
about to mastubate and head home when the door next to him opened and a guy
dropped his pants then sat down.When Jay saw the dark skin of his thighs,his mouth went dry,a black guy,he
had never done a black man before.
The guy looked to be in his late thirties,nicely built,Jay could see the
muscles in his thighs as he stood up,still stroking his cock.His cock was no larger than Ned's or Joe's,but the light brown color of it
along with the cream covering it's pee slit really turned Jay on.
The guy gripped his dick,guiding it through the glory hole inviting Jay to
place his mouth around it.Without any hesitation Jay took him in his mouth,feeling his own body
tingling from head to toe.
As he sat sucking and licking that tootsie roll,enjoying ever second of
it,he removed his KY from a pocket.
Placing the spout to his young anus,he squirted it full .He then took his
mouth from the cock hearing the guy moan,but quickly backed up allowing the
dick to slid slowly up his young ass.He hoped no one came in right away,not the way the guy was moaning right
Jay pressed back each time the cock slid up his male cunt feeling it hit
bottom,the guy pumping faster now.
He had learned to rotate his ass allowing the dick to massage both sides of
his hole,he really loved that feeling.Ten seconds later and his ass was being filled with warm,milky cream.
Jay hated it when he felt the dick slowly leaving his fresh fucked ass.
"Thank you fella,you really do have a nice ass.Hope to see you again
sometime soon.Do you come her often?"
"Your welcome,glad you liked it.Yes,I come here quite a bit."
"Good I'll look for you here then,bye."He said.All the was home Jay thought of the black dick taking him.It still made him
hot just thinking about it.He knew he was going back for more and soon.
The lights were off when he opened the door.As he switched on the light,his
mom and dad yelled happy birthday.They were late,but this was there first
week end off together,Jay didn't mind,they had made him very happy.The one thing that had surprised him was the fact that they were both in
there undies.His mom had on a robe but it was not tied and hung open,Jay
noticed her bikini panties,also the fact she was not wearing a bra.
There was not doubt they had both been drinking some,but that was ok to.The
three of them had a great time with the presents and all.After one last toast his dad said,"Come Jay,we have one last present for
With that,his mom took his hand leading him to there bed room.
There was a dim light on the dresser,the bed was img cgi board lolitas turned down and waiting.
Jay's dad undressed him as his mon lay naked on the bed,her legs wide open.His dad lay between ther thighs as he pulled Jay down on the bed beside him.
"It's time you had a taste of this son."He said,looking towards his mom's
Jay wasn't sure this was something he wanted to do but was feeling the
excitement fill his body at the same time.As he gazed at the open lips of her pussy,shiny with her juices that were
working from her own excitement,he moved his head closer.
The aroma of her heat filled his nostrils,her fingers spreading the lips
even wider.
Jay kissed her hole lightly,her hands gently touched his tgp as lolita biz head as her ass
rised gently up and down."Put your tomgue in boy,taste her juice,your going to love it."His dad said.
Jay could see just enough of the pink flesh to ecite him even more as he
pressed his mouth over her hole,dipping his tongue inside.
He knew then that they had all ready enjoyed sex,he could taste his dad's
cum inside mixed with her juice.Jay never thought a nude asian lolita nymphette thing about him and his dad having sex,but this bothered
him at first,then the lust won out.His mouth was pressed so tight against
her pussy his lips were inside as his tongue done it's work.
Jay looked up as he ate her,he could see her flat belly,there were no
wrinkles,then her breasts as his eyes moved farther up,there big nipples he
had sucked on as a baby.He felt his legs being opened wider,then his buttocks were being pried
open,wet lips kissing his love hole.
His mom had her hands cupped behind his head pulling him gently against her
cunt as she hunched her ass higher,moaning from the pleasure his tongue was
prviding for her.His dad had his dick buried up his male pussy moving in and out as he held
tightly to Jay's hips.
"Thats it boy eat that pussy,I told you you would enjoy it."His dad said.
He was right,he did enjoy it.The taste was one of a kind,never had he tasted
cum that would compare with this taste.Jay felt his dad speed up,ramming his cock hard into his ass.One last hard
shove and it exploded inside.He could feel his dad's body quiver as his cock
finally began subside.
As his dad pulled his cock free,he pulled Jay's head away from the pussy.Jay
stared at the gaping hole,it's wet pink flesh so shiny.Some of her juice was
running down the crack of her ass."Get up there and mount her boy,plant that young cock in that hole."Jay
never wanted to go that far,he was happy just eating her pussy but his dad
He had Jay by the hips lifting his ass then lay him back down on top of her
belly as his cock slid deep inside that warm wet hole.Her legs wrapped around him as her heels dug into his buttocks,pulling him
down with each thrust.
She had her arms around his neck as she showered his face with wet kiss'es.
As Jay sucked her nipples,he watched his dad slide a pillow under her neck
as he sat beind her head.
She opened her mouth as he guided his cock between those lusious red
lips,his cock moving foward slowly envading her throat as it stretched it
open moving ever forward till his balls covered her nose and eyes.It flashed through Jay's mind that he would have to have a guy do that to
him sometime soon.
He was amazed by the fact she never seemed to have an urge to come up for
air,just kept taking that big cock down her throat slow and easy.
Jay was 16 age lolita pictures hunching faster as his mom pressed her heels hard against his
butt,faster and faster,her ass hunching wildly now as he bit her nipples.Just as he gripped her tighter and blew his load deep inside her pussy,his
dad filled her belly with his cum.
Jay watched as he pulled out,watching his mom suck the cum from his dads
As he raised his ass,removing his cock,he saw cum and joy juice dripping
from it's head."Put it in her mouth boy,let her suck it clean for you."His dad zoo loli top 100 said.
His mom was pulling him up to her,letting his cock fill her mouth as she ate
the mixture.
After he had got up,she headed for the bathroom.
"Come here boy."His dad said smiling at him.He took Jay's dick in his mouth.Jay knew what he wanted and began filling
his lolita legal child model
mouth with his warm boy pee,watching his dad gulp it down.
The it was his turn and he beagn drinking from his dads hose.
Jay liked drinking pee,he loved the warm wet stuff filling his mouth before
swallowing.His mom was standing beside them as his dad finished and removed his
cock.She took his place,straddling Jay's face as she lowered her cunt to his
With it pressed tightly against his open lips,he gush filled him,making him
swallow fast at first till she got the rythem right.His belly was so full by the time she finished,he thought he would pop,but
of course he didn't.
When Jay left the room,his dad had his cock buried up his mom's ass,riding
her like a stallion.
He remembered thinking as he showered,"It had been one heck of a
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